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Life is always better shared together.


Raven Friends Community

Our core mission is to support the community & Ravencoin ecosystem as a whole. There's a few ways that we do that.
Initiatives will be updated regularly here and you can also get the latest in our Discord Community Channel. What else can you find in Discord?

Raven Friends Community Discord 

- Chat with other Raven Friend holders

- Help shape the project

- Access to auctions & early releases

- Raven Friend Giveaways

- Exclusive voting rights for Raven Friend NFT holders

- Early announcements

- Show off your favorite Raven Friend

- Post a Raven Friend listing

- Share your own project


Donations & Project Support

One way to show our appreciation to the Ravencoin community and help support the growth of the network is to give back.

- 5% of each Raven Friend NFT sold is donated to continued development of the Ravencoin blockchain.

- Another 5% of each Raven Friend NFT sold goes to supporting other NFT projects in the space. All project purchases are voted for by Raven Friend Holders in the Discord Community Channel.  Each supporting NFT purchased through voting are then voted on again for resale during voting sessions. All proceeds then go to RVN development or marketing efforts, as voted upon. (Does not include secondary sales)

Last donation update: 1/16/23

Donated to ravencoin development:2,356.49 $RVN

Project Resale Donations: 555 $RVN

purchase of other rvn nft projects:700 $RVN

Foster a Strong Community

Having a successful NFT project is directly incumbent upon building a strong community and one that is genuine. This is a project created to help the Ravencoin ecosystem. Here's a few pillars that we want to focus on as a community:

- Genuine & Trustworthy

- Engaged & Social

- Positive

- Supportive of other NFT projects

- Fair launches

We not only want to build a strong internal community but also one that focuses on supporting Ravencoin, the network that Raven Friends is built on. Ravencoin is a 100% decentralized crypto network. There is no paid marketing team and no CEO. It's a community led project with no pre-mine and we want to help in anyway we can  Here's a few ways in which we can focus on building community both for Raven Friends and Ravencoin - 


Raven Friends Community Discord 

- Project collaboration. Meet artists across the space and collaborate!

- Share giveaways across the Ravencoin space

- Voting to support & purchase fellow NFT artists work in the RVN space

- Voting to donate to Ravencoin marketing and development

Community Events

- Keep an eye out in Discord for the latest!

The Humble Mining Co has already led 3x successful community events!

Otterly Love

Status: Active

Frequency: Every 50 otters sold in the collection.

Details: The sale proceeds of every 50th otter will be given back to the Otter community.

- Every Otter is held in a unique wallet and every otter has particular traits and features that set each apart.

- The sale of each 50th otter will either be randomly gifted to a random Otter NFT holder or a trait will be randomly selected. If a trait is chosen - wallets that hold an otter with the particular trait selected will receive an evenly distributed amount of Ravencoin. 







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