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Did you know that Ravens are playful creatures and often found in the wild playing with other critters?

About Raven Friends

A Limited Generative Art Collection built on RVN

Welcome to Raven Friends!


Raven Friends is a limited NFT collection built on the Ravencoin blockchain network.


The collection entails randomly generated furry critters without set release timelines with hand selected drops. There are multiple critter subsets and each critter type is capped with a max # of unique assets to include Special Editions. 


Fair Release: Each critter is sold by Raven Friends at max pegged values - forever.

Keep an eye out for auctions if you'd like to get a Raven Friend for less!


When you purchase a Raven Friend NFT you're not only receiving an NFT it also doubles as a membership card, granting access to members-only benefits such as voting in the Community Discord.

Visit the Community page to learn more.

We started this project to create something that everyone loves and a way to support the chain that we rely on.


We hope you love these critters as much as we do!

Our Games

Our Roadmap

We’re in this for the long run. 

We’ve established some benchmarks for ourselves and we'll strive to meet them each and every day. 

Roadmap v 1.01.png

We hope you love these critters as much as we do!


Get in Touch

Thanks for reaching out!

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